Synthetic Grass

Beautiful, just like the real thing.

Never water your grass again.  This synthetic grass is available in over 40 different textures/colors.  This natural looking alternative to real sod will have others wondering how you keep your grass so green.

Rock Products

Many types of rock are available for driveways or to enhance planter beds.  Below are just a few of the styles available.  If you don't like what you see below, we can go to the rock yard to see everything available.  Installation and weed fabric is included.

Sprinkling Systems

Stop watering your grass by hand

Custom sprinkling system design.

Parts and labor are included.

Plants and Trees

Add some depth and dimension.

There are so many different plants, trees, and shrubs that can enhance your landscape.  The nursery has plants that grow well in this area and we can go there directly to choose your plants.  Installation included.

Our Services

In-Ground Trampoline

The World's Only Complete In-Ground Trampoline System

Our top quality 12 and 15 foot trampoline systems are designed to be installed at ground level.  There is no gap between the frame and the ground which results in the safest, most aesthetically pleasing trampoline on the market.

Water Features, Fire pits & More

Add that missing ambiance.
Landscaping and Slab Jacking